Organic Nordic


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Organic Nordic is a Danish company dedicated to provide organic, safe, healthy, enjoyable and nutritious products of the highest quality from Scandinavia and proximate Nordic countries, manufactured by a range of specialized producers.

In association with our suppliers we go through a rigorous quality assessment process of all potential products. As we continue to expand abroad and around the world, we select only the absolute finest high-end products, worthy only of customers who will accept no less than outstanding quality and comfortable well-being. All our products have undergone rigorous hygiene and food safety testing, and all are fully approved by the world-famous Scandinavian food safety administration standards.

Our organization is created and run by a leadership with extensive experience in foreign markets, including China, and are familiar with local customs and business conduct. We have also associated ourselves with research institutes to get thorough, independent market analyses on which to gain the knowledge needed to make fully qualified and sound decisions regarding our strategic approach to engage in fruitful business relationships with local partners and companies. With an extensive distribution network already established, we are confident that we are fully equipped to launch our high-end products to the Chinese consumers, who will experience the luxury of products made with the care and eye for detail for which our Nordic manufacturers are world-renowned.